Thomas C.

During my playing career and the years since I suffered from 9 knee and two ankle surgeries, shoulder separations, broken leg, etc. I endured the usual agony associated with therapy. This past year I had total knee replacements on both knees and was blessed to be referred to Chandler Therapy Services for rehab. Therapy is always painful and unpleasant but her warm smile, caring manner and friendly encouragement made it so much easier. I was actually sad when it was time to end our sessions. I would strongly recommend Chandler Therapy Services even at ten times the going rate!

Regina C.

As a 79 year-old cancer patient being treated with chemotherapy, I had trouble getting out of my bed and experienced frequent falls when I started physical therapy. We began with simple exercises that I could perform in bed as well as providing all the information I needed to do work on my own. I progressed over time from bed to wheelchair to walker to walking without aid. Though I wasn't always sure of my ability to progress, my therapist was and always provided great expertise, encouragement, friendship, and patience. 

Jim M.

When I had to have a total hip replacement, I was fortunate that my surgeon made the best choice for PT. The company my surgeon selected was able to provide all rehabilitation needs and requirements. My therapist was professional, educated, and I was confident in my rehab under her care. Each day she met me, we went through warm up routines and then she presented me with challenging exercises. Each night I had PT homework prior to her next visit. I was fortunate to have a speedy recovery due to her physical therapy knowledge. She was a joy to be around, comforting and reassuring. She got me to the point that I was able to return to my everyday lifestyle.  I highly recommend Chandler Therapy Services for all of your rehabilitation needs. 

Annie Z.

I had a total hip replacement last November. I really didn't know what to expect after the surgery, but my therapist took her time with me and that gave me a more positive attitude towards my recovery. My physical therapist explained exercises to me and worked with me until I could use the cane and walk up and down steps if necessary. My family was so excited that I had progressed so quickly and my determination came from my physical therapist.

Dale R.

Chandler Therapy Services helped me through two hip replacements and a crushed elbow. My physical therapist was very thorough and always communicated well. The exercises were geared carefully to bring me to my maximum ability. She was always on time and always smiling. She was very helpful in suggesting various equipment that would aid me in my progression and then encouraged me to independent movement. She worked with me for balance and strength and muscle use. I could not have accomplished my full recovery without her help. I would highly recommend Chandler Therapy Services.